The group is active in the development of analytical devices with a focus on miniature, robust and affordable instruments.  

This includes the following topics: micro-separation techniques, ion mobility spectrometry, electrochemical detection techniques for lab-on-chip and conventional capillary electrophoresis, optoelectronic detectors, electrochemical gas sensors, miniaturized plasma sources, clinical analysis, field and process analysis, open source hardware (OSH), microcontrollers and their programming in analytical instrumentation.

A strong focus is the development of contactless conductivity detectors (C4D) for microseparation techniques. Commercial versions have been produced by the eDAQ company in Sydney, Australia.

Many of the projects are carried out in collaboration with local, European and overseas partners of to date more than 30 different research groups active in analytical chemistry, pharmacology, micro-scale engineering or environmental chemistry. Of particular interest has been the application of portable capillary electrophoresis instruments in Vietnam.